June 11, 2024

Where should you store your will?

Where should you store your will?

It's important your will is stored safely and you tell your executors where they'll be able to find it after your death.

If a solicitor helps you write your will, they'll usually store it for you – generally for free – while you get a copy.

If you use a will-writing service, it'll also often store your will – but there may be an extra charge. And you may be less protected than with a solicitor – for example, if the will writer went out of business and closed its office* – so certainly make sure you keep a copy yourself. If a will-writing service that stores your will does close down, it should either let you collect your will or tell you where it's being sent, but this isn't guaranteed to happen.

You could just keep the original copy of your will at home, though we advise against this as it could be accidentally thrown away, damaged or even removed without your knowledge.  If you do this, remember to tell your executors where they'll be able to find the will after your death.

Alternatively, you could store it with the Probate Service in England and Wales. There's a £20 fee to do this, but withdrawing it is free.

There are also services that for a fee you can use to record details of your Will - www.certainty.org.uk & http://www.nationalwillregister.co.uk  to name two.  These companies do not store the Will but have a record of it and where is held.


  • What happens to my will if the solicitors' firm looking after it closes down?
    Strict rules ensure that wills stored by regulated solicitors are kept safe – even in the event the firm looking after your will closes down (so it wouldn't be lost).
    If your solicitor did go out of business*, your will would either (with your permission) be transferred to another regulated solicitor firm, or – if you couldn't be contacted – remain securely stored (either with the original solicitor, or with the Solicitors Regulation Authority).
    Will-writing services do not have the equivalent sector-wide regulatory safeguard in place, so if you store your will with a will-writing firm you should ask what would happen to it in the event the business were to close.

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