April 16, 2024

Planning for the Future & Why?

Planning for the Future & Why?

There may be a time when you have difficulty making certain decisions and need someone to act or decide for you. How you can prepare for someone you trust to manage your money, or make decisions about your care and welfare in the way you would wish?

Thinking about how you would like to manage your affairs in the future is a way to stay in control of how your property, financial affairs, health and wellbeing are looked after.

It is also useful to talk about your future with people you trust, because they can support you as you make these decisions.

Planning ahead for circumstances such as being physically unable to manage your affairs – this could be because you are staying in hospital for a while, or if you lose mental capacity to make certain decisions. ‘Mental capacity’ means the ability to make a decision at the time it needs to be made. People can lose mental capacity because of a condition such as a mental health problem, dementia or a learning disability. It can also be caused by physical health problems, such as a stroke. Someone who lacks mental capacity cannot do one or more of these four things:

• understand the information needed to make a particular decision

• hold on to that information long enough to make the decision

• use or weigh up the information to make the decision

• communicate their decision.

By thinking about your future now, you can explore the different options available to you if your health changes. Norrie Waite & Slater solicitors have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the legal process.

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