Small Claims

If a claim is under £10,000 it will usually be allocated to the smalls claims track. The procedure under the small claims track is more informal than other Court processes and therefore costs are generally not recoverable, even if you are successful with your claim. The Court will only usually award minimal fixed sums for costs and your Court fees.

We understand however that people often need assistance with these types of claims and to help mitigate your costs, fixed fees are available for our expert team to assist you at each stage of the process.

Small claims Fees

First Stage -Pre-action

  1. Initial review of all documents and provision of general  advice - £175 plus VAT
  2. Drafting Pre-action protocol letter (Claimant or  Defendant) and negotiating settlement/dealing with response correspondence. (subject to 3 letters of correspondence – further letters will incur  additional fees) - £350 plus VAT


Second Stage –Court Proceedings

Statements of Claim

  1. Drafting Claim Form and Particulars of Claim - £300 plus VAT
  2. Drafting Defence - £300 plus VAT
  3. Drafting Defence and Counterclaim - £350 plus VAT



  1. Preparation of Directions Questionnaire - £100 plus VAT
  2. Drafting Witness Statement - £300 plus VAT

    Additional witness statements £150 plus VAT each
  3. Drafting Instruction to expert (inc identifying and obtaining quotes) - £250 plus VAT
  4. Review of all documents and provision of general advice  for this stage - £150 plus VAT



  1. Preparing Small Claims Bundle - £350 plus VAT
  2. Representation at Hearing/Trial - Subject to quotation
  3. Instruction of barrister/advocate for Hearing/Trial - £150 plus VAT
  4.  Representation at Hearing/Trial by barrister/advocate - Subject to quotation
  • Fees do not include Court fees or Hearing/Trial representation fees. All disbursements are payable separately.
  • Any pre-action correspondence entered into with the other party (further than the pre-action protocol letter) may be subject to further fees
  • The filing and serving of all documents with the Court and other party, will be the responsibility of the client, unless arranged otherwise and this firm has agreed to go on record with the Court.
  • Fees and disbursements are payable in advance for each stage. Proceedings will not be issued until the Court fee has been paid.
  • If the claim is issued but does not proceed, the Court fee cannot be reclaimed unless reimbursed by the Court
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