Housing and Rental Disputes

Housing and Rental Disputes

Whether you are a tenant, a landlord or a homeowner, if you have a housing dispute a specialist solicitor will give you the practical legal advice you need, including representation in court proceedings when necessary.

Legal advice for Landlords

We have extensive experience of representing landlords in all types of housing law cases. Our specialist housing solicitors can advise you on all areas of landlord and tenant law, including:

  • Getting rent arrears paid
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Claims for possession
  • Defending disrepair claims

Housing Dispute FAQ

What are my landlord’s obligations towards repairs of the property?

Laws exist to ensure landlords to maintain properties in an adequate state of repair. The Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985 sets out the statutory duties of landlords, including:

  • Keeping the structure of the building in good repair, including: guttering, drains and external pipes, the roof, exterior walls, windows and doors
  • Keeping systems used for heating and hot water in good repair.
  • Keeping systems used for the supply of essential services in working order. This means: electricity, gas, sanitation (including sinks, baths, toilets), water

What are my tenants obligations?

Tenants have obligations to their landlord and the property they reside in. These include:

  • paying the rent as agreed
  • paying utility bills such as gas and electricity if this was agreed with the landlord
  • in most cases paying the council tax, water and sewerage charges
  • keeping the property reasonably clean
  • not damaging the property and ensuring your guests do not damage the property
  • using the heating properly
  • carrying our minor maintenance, like checking smoke alarm batteries

If you do cause damage to the property or supplied furnishings then the landlord may be able to charge you for the cost of repairs or withhold some or all of your deposit.

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