Disputes with Tenants

Disputes with Tenants

With the number of people renting properties being at an all time high, disputes between Landlords and their Tenants are becoming more frequent than ever. Being a landlord can be problematic even when things are going well but when a dispute arises, it can often leave you feeling like you have no where to turn.

Disputes with Tenants can be distressing and time consuming for all involved and often relationships have broken down to the point where legal support is necessary.

We act for Landlords on a number of different areas including:

  • Non Payment of Rent  - Whether it be that your Tenant has missed a couple of payments or has stopped paying altogether, we can enter into dialogue with the Tenant to try and recover the arrears and salvage the tenancy or take steps to recovery the property.
  • Possession Claims – even if this is not as a result of a breakdown of the tenancy, possession proceedings can be tricky and many landlords fail with such proceedings by getting the basics wrong. We can assist in serving the correct notices on your tenants and advise on the best possession process for your circumstances. We can also represent you at Possession hearings.
  • Damage to Property – Any damage to property whether it be during the course of the tenancy and your tenant has made a request that it is fixed or it is revealed following their departure from the property, can often end up be convoluted to resolve. We can assist with resolving issues of with whom the responsibility lies and who should be paying for the repairs.
  • Unlawful Subletting – with a lack of affordable housing, unlawful subletting is becoming an increasing problem for Landlords. This can lead to problems for a Landlord when issues with the property arise.
  • Deposit Disputes – This an extremely common area of dispute for  Landlords, from deposits not being protected properly or at all, to disputes about whether they should be returned or deductions made at the end of tenancy, we can help.

We strive to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible and are able to carry out the majority of work required on a fixed fee basis so whether you are a Landlord wishing to bring or defend a claim, our specialist legal team can help.

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