Football Banning Orders & Football Related Offences

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Football Banning Orders & Football Related Offences

If you are involved in trouble related to a Football match, Norrie Waite & Slater have the experience and expertise to assist you. We have a team of specialist Criminal Defence solicitors who are highly experienced in dealing with football related offences.

In addition to the usual Public Order Offences which you may be charged with, there is also special legislation which deals specifically with Football related offences, such as the Football Offences Act and the Football Spectators Act.

What is a Football Banning Order?

People found guilty under the Football Spectators Act can be banned from attending football matches by the imposition of a Football Banning Order. Banning Orders can to some extent be tailor made to the offender and as such may also include additional restrictions such as exclusion form the geographical area around the football stadium for a period of time both before and after a match, and also a ban from using the rail network without prior permission.

A Football Banning Order means that you are not legally able to attend a football match. You may also have to attend a police station and surrender your passport if required by the Banning Order, particularly if the offence relates to International Football. Banning Orders can be imposed for between 3 years and 5 years, if you are not imprisoned. For offences where you are also sent to prison, the Banning Order can be imposed for between 6 years and 10 years.

If you have been arrested or invited in by the Police for any offence related to a football match you are entitled to a free solicitor. Please contact us for legal advice.

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