Firearms offences

Firearms offences

If you have been arrested and charged with any offence relating to firearms you will need a solicitor with the experience and specialist knowledge required to deal with your case in the most effective manner possible.

Mounting a strong defence against such charges requires a firm of solicitors with the specialist knowledge and experience needed to give you the best possible chance of securing a favourable outcome. Norrie Waite & Slater solicitors has a large criminal defence team with decades of combined experience in defending clients accused of firearms offences.

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The laws surrounding firearms range from offences of illegal possession to criminal use of a firearm. There are complex rules relating to a variety of types of firearms including air guns, imitation and specialist firearms.For some firearms offences there is a minimum sentence of 5 years.We are specialists in dealing with all types of firearms offences, including:

  • Charges relating to illegal possession
  • Air weapons
  • Imitation firearms and Realistic imitation firearms
  • Readily convertible imitations including Olympic BBM
  • Antiques and de-activated weapons
  • Illegal conversion of weapons such as shortening a shotgun
  • Criminal use of firearms
  • Acquisition and possession of firearms and air weapons by minors
  • Importation of firearms
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