Disbursements explained

Disbursements explained

Here is a list of some of the most common disbursements which may come up during the Conveyancing process, along with a brief description of what they are. If you require any more information on these or something which is not listed here please contact us.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

Rather than a disbursement this is a government tax levied when a property is sold and is payable by the buyer. The amount payable is tiered according to the property value and whether it is for the owner occupation. Homes under a certain value are exempt. Contact us for the latest SDLT rates.

H M Land Registry fee

When you buy a property or land, take out a new mortgage or other borrowing secured on property, or transfer a share in a property the transaction must be registered with the Land Registry. H M Land Registry keeps a register of all registered land in England and Wales, although some land is not registered. A charge is made to update the register and this depends on the value of the property or land involved. If you are buying a property or re-mortgaging you will have to pay a Land Registry fee.

Official copy entries

These are copies of the title to the property showing mortgages, etc.  They are obtained from the Land Registry.

Local Authority search

This is a search of the local authority's registers concerning the property you are buying. It gathers information such as whether the road serving the property should be maintained by the council, whether any planning applications have been made on the property and various other things.

Drainage and water search

This is a search of the local water authority which serves the area. It will provide confirmation of whether the property is connected to a public or private water supply and sewer system. It will also show how charges for water and drainage are calculated for the property (water meter or rateable value).

Environmental search

This involves checking the property location to uncover any known environmental issues. These could include whether the property was built on an old industrial site or is near a landfill site and if there are any risks from contaminated land. It will also show whether there are any known risks of flooding, subsidence or toxic emissions.

Final searches

These are carried out just before completion of a transaction to ensure that nothing new has been registered with the Land Registry since the original searches were completed.

Chancel check

This search will identify whether the property may have potential liability for local Chancel repairs. A few isolated instances have occurred where property owners have received bills for repairs to local Churches due to historical rules which are still legally binding.

Coal mining search

In areas where mining has taken place it may be advisable to carry out this search. It will show whether there are any know issues affecting the property such as subsidence. Your conveyancer will check the location of your property and let you know if this is required.

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