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Disputes with Landlords

With the number of people renting properties being at an all time high, disputes between Landlords and their Tenants are becoming more frequent than ever.

As a Tenant you are afforded a number of rights by law but whatcontact us happens when your Landlord breaches these rights.

Disputes with Landlords can be distressing and time consuming for all involved and often relationships can break down quickly the point where legal advice and support is necessary. 

We act for Tenants on a number of different matters including:

  • Property Repairs – Under new law, Landlords are required to undertake repairs to properties within a reasonable time. If you Landlord has failed to undertake such repairs upon request, we can assist in making sure that they fulfil their obligations.
  • Deposit Disputes – Landlords must follow certain procedures when it comes to returning or retaining a Tenant’s deposit. They are also required by law to protect a tenant’s deposit. Failing to do so could allow you to claim up to three times the deposit back in compensation.
  • Unlawful Eviction – a Landlord must follow the correct procedure before they end your tenancy and it is an offence to evict you without following such steps. If you consider that your Landlord has failed to provide you with the proper notice of termination of your tenancy, we can assist and in some cases prevent eviction from the property.
  • Rent Disputes   Landlords cannot normally increase your rent more than once and year without your agreement and with fixed term tenancies this can only be done once the fixed period has ended. If your landlord is trying to increase your rent more frequently or by an amount that is unrealistic you may have a claim against them.

We strive to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possiblecontact us and are able to carry out the majority of work required on a fixed fee basis. So Whether you are a Tenant wishing to bring or defend a claim, our specialist legal team can help.

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