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Motoring Offences Fees

Private Fees

All cases start in the Magistrates Court but not all will be funded by Legal Aid.

Most motoring cases are dealt with in the Magistrates Court i.e. Careless Driving, Drink Driving and Drunk in Charge. They will not usually qualify for Legal Aid. The more serious cases such as Dangerous Driving and Death Careless/Dangerous will go to the Crown Court where Legal Aid is likely to be available.

Please feel free to ring us on 0333 5774213 or email us at so that we can discuss any matter that you are concerned about. This could be attendance at a Police Station, post Police Station interview or on receipt of a charge or summons to Court. You will be able to speak to a qualified Solicitor free of charge who will then offer an appointment if it is appropriate.

Guilty pleas at the Magistrates Court other than Drink Driving

If the case is dealt with on the day then the fee is £400 plus VAT. If for any reason following a guilty plea the case has to be adjourned to a further hearing then there would be a further cost of £120 plus VAT.

The first hearing is for you to simply enter a not guilty plea and then the case will be listed for a contested hearing. The cost will be £650 plus VAT for the first half day and then £250 plus VAT for each half day thereafter.

Exceptional Hardship Arguments

If your case is listed to argue exceptional financial hardship i.e. to keep your Driving Licence then our fee is £600 plus VAT.

Drink Driving/Drunk in Charge/Driving whilst under the influence of Drugs

These cases are often dealt with on the day and our fee would be £400 inclusive of VAT.

Please note for all matters that can be dealt with by way of a prison sentence i.e. drink driving/drug driving/dangerous driving then the Duty Solicitor is available at the Magistrates Court free of charge but can only deal with the first hearing.

We can deal with appeals and of course we can deal privately with hearings at the Crown Court but we would need to discuss this with you the cost would depend on the complexity of the case.

To be certain about the cost of your case it is best to ring and speak to one of us so that we can give you a clear account of the work that needs doing and the cost involved.

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Our lawyers offer legal advice and representation at court or the police station on a private or legal aid basis. Legal aid is available in some areas of law only. Please see our pages on legal aid for more advice. We offer a free initial consultation in some areas of law. Personal Injury compensation claims can be conducted on a 'no win no fee' basis.