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cost of divorce solicitors sheffield

What does a divorce cost?

When we talk about the cost of a divorce it is important to remember that there are up to three different elements involved, depending on your circumstances:

  • Divorce: this means the purely legal aspect of bringing the marriage formally to an end.
  • Finances and property: agreeing things such as who will have the family home, how other assets are distributed and whether maintenance will be payable.
  • Children: agreeing who your children will live with, contact rights for the other partner and financial maintenance.
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Divorce solicitors charge fees on an hourly basis so the cost of your divorce will depend on the number and complexity of the issues to be resolved. Fixed fees are also offered for divorce.

An important aspect of the cost of any divorce is how much the parties involved are able to reach agreement. If you and your spouse have substantial disagreements about arrangements for children and finances, and these have to be negotiated through both parties divorce solicitors, then the cost can increase significantly.

A good divorce solicitor will negotiate firmly on your behalf but will always attempt to keep your costs to a reasonable level in the process.

We offer a free half hour consultation so that you can meet with a divorce solicitor and they can assess your situation. This will enable them to give you an estimate of the likely cost of your divorce and associated matters. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

Who pays the fees for divorce?

In most cases you will both need to employ separate solicitors to advise you and act for you in negotiations and possibly at court, so you will both incur costs.

The person initiating the divorce petition (the "petitioner") will incur additional court fees on top of the fees for their solicitor preparing the case. The person being petitioned against (the "respondent") will incur the costs of their solicitor preparing a reply to the petition.

The petitioner may claim some or all of his/her divorce costs from the respondent. Costs orders are typically made on petitions citing adultery or behaviour.

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In cases where an amicable agreement can be reached it is often possible for the costs of the divorce to be shared equally between the parties or for no orders to be made. This is distinct from the costs of resolving the financial/property issues and any issues concerning the children where the general rule is that each party is responsible for payment of their own legal fees.

We offer divorce on either a fixed fee or hourly rate basis and we will help you to decide on the right payment method at your free initial consultation.

Contact us to speak to one of our divorce solicitors.

resolution accredited family solicitors
Our team of family solicitors comprises Resolution Accredited Specialists, Collaboratively trained lawyers and members of the Law Society's Children Panel.

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