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Rotherham Child Abuse victims encouraged to seek legal advice

August 2014

Odette Tovey, of Rotherham and Sheffield Solicitors, Norrie Waite and Slater, and who lives in Rotherham herself, has expressed her horror at the revelations contained in Professor Alex Jay’s report on child abuse in the town.

“As a mother of two girls, one of whom is still a techild abuse solicitor rotherhamenager and lives in the town with me, I find it unbelievable that the Police and Social Services have let down so many people in such an appalling way. These are the very institutions people turn to for help and protection, but despite various press reports and mounting evidence over a period of time it just seems to have been brushed under the carpet and so many young lives have been ruined as a result.”

“Unfortunately, we cannot turn the clock back for them, but we can help them seek compensation from the authority or those responsible for their abuse” she said. Odette, a member of ACAL (the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers) has experience of helping victims of abuse fight for compensation and says that help is at hand. “These innocent victims will be haunted by what has happened to them for the rest of their lives. They will need counselling and support to help them move forward with their lives and should not be afraid to seek help through their GP or specialist support organisations. In many cases they will be traumatised, but can be assured of truly confidential advice so that they can address what has happened to them.”

She is very critical of what she sees as an abdication of responsibility by so many people in positions of power and influence, who had the power to put a stop to it but deliberately chose not to. “I hope that action will be taken to bring the perpetrators to justice, and that those who chose to turn a blind eye to the suffering of those in their charge are also made to confront the consequences of their inaction and the betrayal of these young victims.”

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