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Prison Law Solicitors

Prison law is a highly specialised area of law. To achieve the most favourable possible outcome you will need a lawyer with the experience and specialist knowledge necessary to advise and represent you.

At Norrie Waite & Slater solicitors we have lawyers who are specialists in Prison Law and will help you with your case, whatever the circumstances.

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From our offices based in Sheffield and Rotherham we can offer advice and representation to prisoners and family members throughout the region. We deal with:

Life sentence prisoners (lifers)

Life sentence prisoners are often entitled to a review to determine whether they are suitable for release. We can offer assistance at the Parole Board hearing and ensure that the prisonerís review is carried out in the correct manner and following the correct procedure.

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Parole Board hearings

If you are facing a Parole Board hearing you need someone with the knowledge and experience to effectively represent you. We can assist with all types of parole board hearings.

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Recall prisoners and release on license

If you are released on license, and later recalled by the Probation Service we can offer representation and if required challenge the decision on your behalf. This can be in the form of a written application or at an oral hearing to the Parole Board. We offer assistance whether your recall is due to a further offence whilst on license, or is due to a technical breach.

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Disciplinary matters (Adjudications)

If a prisoner is due to appear before a Governor or Independent Adjudicator for an alleged disciplinary infringement they are entitled to legal representation. We can provide advice, assistance and attendance before disciplinary hearings.

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Re-categorisation and transfers

We can help with applications for re-categorisation to a lesser prison category as well as prison transfers.

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Prisonerís rights (and human rights)

This can relate to many areas including things such as visits by family members as well as issues such as medical care whilst in prison.

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